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Safety & Burning

All Candle Styles

  • Remove all packaging before you light the candle.
  • Trim the wick to 3mm (1/8") before lighting, and keep trimmed at all times while burning.
  • Always use an appropriate holder placed on a protected, heat-resistant surface.
  • Keep wax pool free of wick trimmings, matches or any foreign matter - this is combustible material and may cause a fire hazard.
  • Burn candles indoors, away from drafts, other heat sources, and any flammable objects or materials.
  • If smoking occurs, blow out candle, trim wick, remove trimmings and relight.
  • Keep burning candles within sight at all times.


  • Handle with care; glass containers are fragile. Avoid glass to glass contact when removing or replacing the lid. Do not use if cracked, chipped or scratched. Do not refill with wax.
  • Do not allow the flame to touch the side of the jar. The jar may become hot. Handle carefully.
  • To minimize wax left on the sides of the jar, burn 3 hours at a time; it is normal for some wax to be left, the amount varying per colour, fragrance and burning conditions.
  • Prevent possible heat damage to the counter/surface by discontinuing use when 12mm (1/2") of wax remains.
  • Extinguish carefully before replacing the lid.


  • Place one or more Tarts® in a Tart® burner and light the unscented Tea Light beneath. We recommend using Tart® Warmers which will burn with a low controlled flame.
  • To change fragrances; harden the wax in a freezer and pop it out into the palm of your hand.
  • Yankee Candle® Electronic Tart® Burners can also be used with Tarts® Wax Melts. Use the same as a traditional burner but without the tealight. Perfect for no fuss home fragrancing.

Candle Care


Candles are sensitive to light and temperature, so be careful when storing them for any extended period of time. Avoid colour fading, melting or cracking by storing candles in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight or fluorescent light. Storage temperature should not be allowed to exceed 27oC or fall below 0oC. Exposure to moisture may inhibit relighting.


Should the mouth of a jar candle become blackened while burning simply extinguish the candle, allow to cool and carefully wipe the jar with a dry paper towel. To avoid such blackening keep the wick trimmed to 1/4" at all times.


We strongly suggest you seek professional advice from cleaning experts such as carpet cleaners or furniture refinishers.

Burn Times

Housewarmer® Jars

  • Large Classic Housewarmer Jar 110-150 hours
  • Medium Classic Housewarmer Jar 65-90 hours
  • Regular Tumbler 35-50 hours
  • Small Classic Housewarmer Jar 25-40 hours


  • Small Pillar 2.4" x 3.3" x 4" (6cm x 8.4cm x 10.16cm), 45-60 hours
  • Large Pillar 2.4" x 3.3" x 6" (6cm x 8.4cm x 15.2cm), 65-80 hours

Samplers® Votive Candles

  • up to 15 hours in an appropriate holder

Tarts® Wax Potpourri

  • Approx 8 hours each

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