Remove excess candle wax

So your much loved Yankee Candle has reached the end of it’s life and you would like to up-cycle it’s beautiful jar for something else?


Well look no further…we have the answer and it’s easier than you think.

Simply boil a kettle and fill your Yankee candle jar with boiling water.  Remember to take care as you are dealing with boiling hot water,  so put your jar on a stable surface.  If you are getting the kids involved make sure they know to only follow these instructions with adult supervision.

Once all the safety precautions are in place…enjoy the lava lamp type show as the wax melts and floats to the top of the water.

Let the water cool.  This will solidify the layer of wax that popped up from the bottom of your jar earlier.  Simply press down and flip the wax sideways, so you can lift it out the jar with your fingers.

You may need to repeat this process another time for any stubborn wax residue.

Here’s a video of just how simple this technique is….
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