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Yankee Candle® Elevation Collection with Platform Lid

About this range

What makes the Yankee Candle® Elevation Collection with Platform Lid different? Experience the fragrance intensity you desire with your choice of 3 wick square candles and 2 wick square candles. The innovative lid doubles as an accessory, fitting perfectly under the square candle to create a platform. Our natural candles are made with pure extracts and oils for nuanced, complex fragrances. Extra-thick, quality glass candles have versatile décor appeal. With their artistic illustrated labels and distinctive, sleek silhouettes, these square glass candles are sure to become your new go-to favourites.

Explore our collection of Square Candles available in 2 Wick Large Square Candles and 3 Wick Medium Square Candles.


Elevation Large

Size: 10cm x 10cm x 15cm
Weight: 552g
Burn Time: Up to 80 hours
Square Candles with 2 wicks


Elevation Medium

Size: 10.5cm x 10.5cm x 9cm
Weight: 347g
Burn Time: Up to 38 hours
Square candle with 3 wicks

Innovative Lid Becomes the Candle’s Base

The unique lid for these square candles fits perfectly under the candle to create a sculpted platform base. This clever design enhances the sleek silhouette and showcases the unique, illustrated labels, creating an inviting warmth.

High-Quality Fragrances in Décor-Fresh Hues

Discover complex and nuanced fragrances designed to heighten your mood, in soft décor-friendly colours, these candles are right at home in any room.

Lid fits nicely under candle



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