Black Cherry 88ml Reed Diffuser

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About Signature Reed Diffusers

Accent your room with long-lasting Fragrance. Our Signature Reeds have the authentic fragrance that you love. These diffusers are perfect for entryways, offices, living rooms and baths. The unique hand decorated glass will fit beautifully with your home decor and they also make a great gift.

Use Anywhere. Reed diffusers are the perfect solution for rooms where a candle isn’t appropriate.

Sleek Design. Decor and style are as important as fragrance. Each diffuser features a hand-decorated design that is inspired by the fragrance.

Long-lasting. Fragrance lasts up to 6 weeks, providing a noticeable and consistent fragrance experience as the air flows into the room.

Easy to Use. Natural reeds act as “wicks” and draw Yankee Candle true-to-life fragrance oil up into the the reed where the fragrance is dispersed into the air.

Concentrated Fragrance. Each bottle contains concentrated fragrance oil so you will have a consistent fragrance experience from beginning to end.

Keep away from open flames. Keep away from wood surfaces.


Burn Time: 6 Weeks
Weight: 88ml
Dimensions: 6.3 x 22 x 10.9 cm


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