Noah Black – Scenterpiece Warmer



Size: 98(h) x 116(w) x 116(d) mm

Offered in a range of modern designs to enhance any home décor style, the electric plug-in warmers feature a Home Fragrance heater that quickly melts the wax.

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About This Warmer

Size: 98(h) x 116(w) x 116(d) mm


About Scenterpiece™ MeltCup Warmers

Our Scenterpiece™ MeltCup Warmers feature a flameless heater that quickly melts the wax.

A recessed heating dish provides a clean look and a six foot power cord allows flexible placement throughout the home.

Our favourite feature is the adjustable auto-shutoff timer – set it for 3, 6 or 9 hours and go about your day without ever having to remember to turn it off.


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