Fragrance Family Key

The fragrance family key will help you identify the family of your favourite fragrance!

Some fragrances embrace notes from more than 1 of our olfactive families.


Bright, fresh, lush, and sensual;
Floral fragrances are uplifting
and happy


Bright and zesty with a hint of
sweet; Citrus fragrances are
energetic and refreshing


Vibrant and lush with a satisfying
juiciness; Fruity scents evoke a
sense of abundance

Fresh and Clean

Cool, watery, bright, and breezy;
Fresh and Clean fragrances are
vibrant and optimistic


Earthy, smoky, and warm;
Woody scents are cosy
and grounding

Sweet and Spicy

Warm, comforting, and indulgent;
Sweet and Spicy fragrances are
welcoming and relaxing

Fragrance Information

Working with the world’s most renowned fragrance houses and master perfumers, we bring you the latest trends in fragrance, colour and home décor. With their tools, technical knowledge and artistic sense, perfumers create fragrances that can evoke a variety of emotions and sensations.

Many of our candle fragrances contain natural essential oils and feature a harmonious blend of ingredients. These ingredients translate into fragrance notes that appear at different stages of the overall scent experience: top, middle, and base.

The first impression – consisting of light and fresh notes like lemon, grapefruit and lavender. Fast to fade but very memorable.

These notes are the heart of the fragrance and make each scent unique. A mix of florals, fruits and spices

Base notes mingle with middle notes to create a
long-lasting impression. Notes of vanilla, musk and cedarwood construct its last impression.

Our true-to-life fragrances evoke memories and emotions that you’ll want to cherish forever. Yankee Candle® is a trusted choice for quality, long-lasting fragrances. In the world of perfume, fragrances are classified by their key characteristics, creating olfactory families. These are then broken down further into sub-families. At Yankee Candle®, we help you find their favourite fragrance by categorising our fragrances into 6 simple families.

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